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Felonies include the most serious of crimes and can carry severe penalties.

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Missouri has four classifications of felonies: Class A (the most serious of crimes, including second-degree murder and first-degree robbery), Class B (first degree burglary, voluntary manslaughter, and so on), Class C (involuntary manslaughter, thefts between $500 and $2500), and Class D (fraud, bad checks, etc.).

With even the lowest degree of felony convictions carrying the possibility of significant time in prison and fines of up to $5000, getting a good lawyer to handle your case is just a matter of common sense.

You need someone experienced with big cases, who is prepared to go to trial and win, and who will be working to get you the best possible result from day one. Dean Price has dedicated his career to criminal defense work. With nearly eight years spent as a public defender and more than 20 years in private practice with his only focus being criminal defense, there is no one more prepared to handle your felony charge.

Lots of criminal defense attorneys got their start as prosecutors or law enforcement officers, and while they may be fine lawyers, their experience changes the way they look at cases. Dean always approaches every case like a criminal defense lawyer, not like a prosecutor. That means he looks for dismissal and prepares for trial in order to give his clients the opportunity to make the most informed decision about what is in their best interest as the case moves forward.

When you choose Dean Price to handle your felony case, you get a lawyer who’s looking out for you and not just looking for a plea.

If you are facing felony charges, you need to act quickly and get a lawyer with the skill and trial experience to help you. This can be a difficult and worrying time. Put your mind at ease by calling the office of Dean Price today and scheduling your first appointment.