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Sex Offenses/Sex Assault ChargesSpringfield, MO

The range of crimes defined as sexual offenses under Missouri law (and thereby requiring registration as a sex offender upon conviction) covers a relatively wide range of crimes, from rape and molestation to consensual sex with a minor.

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If you are facing charges related to sex offenses or sexual assault, you probably already know what a difficult road lies ahead for you. The social stigma attached to sex offenses threatens to follow you for your entire life, and makes it hard to even obtain a good defense. Many private lawyers refuse to take these cases, and the stigma extends to even lawyers and innocent defendants, painting them with the same brush that tars all sex offenders.

No other kind of case stacks the deck against you in the same way as a sex offense or sexual assault charge. Defendants in these cases are not going to catch a break or engage the sympathy of the court. Because the court will never err on the side of the defendant in a sex offense case, it is absolutely critical that defendants facing such charges have a good, experienced lawyer who really understands how to handle this unique situation.

In recent years, representing defendants (both men and women) charged with sex offenses has become an increased focus of the office of Dean Price. Not afraid to take on the tough cases, Dean understands the difficulties involved in sex offense cases and the impact that such charges can have on the life, career, and relationships of the defendant.

Dean’s wealth of experience in handling the complexities of sex offense cases means that you’ll have a lawyer who understands your concerns and is ready to help you. The system is slanted against you when are facing sex offense charges. You need a lawyer in your corner who knows how to get a fair outcome. Don’t wait. Call the office of Dean Price today.